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Why Play FCA?

We care about your player as a person as well as an athlete

FCA Georgia cares about your player as an individual and a creation of God. We believe the spiritual and character development of every player is a top priority and is important. You will notice this in our huddles, player materials and coaching methods. We value you as an individual as well as an athlete. We invest in each of our players on a spiritual and personal as well as athletic level. We believe both go hand in hand on the field and produce dynamic young men as well as lacrosse players.

We are affiliated with FCA National Lacrosse.

We are a subchapter of FCA National Lacrosse in Maryland, which was established in 1989. We use their coaching methods as well as materials. In playing for FCA Georgia, you will play in quality tournaments in the Southeast. However, due to our relationship with FCA, we can also give you direct opportunities to play with FCA Lacrosse on a National level as well. It's the best of both worlds…you are part of a local team, yet you also have national opportunities. The FCA Lacrosse name is respected nationally for it's quality of player and character.

Our Excellent Coaching Staff

Our coaches are experienced in the current methods of the game, and are trained in the 3d coaching model. Our staff also networks with coaches throughout the Southeast and provides player recommendations and referrals to college coaches. Even if your plans are not to play in college right now, our coaches invest in our players at the personal as well as athletic level. You will notice the difference in your player due to our coaching and in how much your player loves his coach. We want your player to have fun as well as develop as an athlete and person. They will do that at FCA.

We keep it affordable while bringing you an excellent experience

FCA Georgia strives to keep the fees at an affordable level, as we know that this sport can be expensive. You have showcases and camps you want to go to and if you are paying thousands to play summer lacrosse it gets hard to manage all of that. We understand. Our fees vary from year to year but are competitive or lower with what is out there in our area. Our coaches are paid, however our staff does not make an exorbitant salary so that we can bring this experience and opportunity to more players and not price people out of the lacrosse market. If you want to take it to the next level, you can play up north through our FCA network. You will get excellent exposure here in the Southeast as well.