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FCA West GA Lacrosse will be offering opportunities to apply for scholarships for the summer season. We work to keep our fees low, not because we are less of a program, but because this is a ministry as well as an athletic program. We do not want cost to be a deterrent to those who truly need assistance to participate. We are committed to doing what we can to help as it is available to us. 

Scholarships come from donors and FCA Lacrosse supporters as a ministry. Scholarships may be full but they most likely will be in partial.  If awarded, full scholarships usually require a parent to volunteer within the program. Our coaches do not make any decisions on scholarship, although they may be consulted at the committee's discretion. We also expect that you and your player not share with others that they are on scholarship either. This ensures complete confidentiality.

To apply for a scholarship please visit

Please contact Christina Bohannon at or Lisa Long at  and let them know you have submitted application so they can follow up with our Maryland offic