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Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures 
This page outlines situations that may arise. Please know we do not expect any problems and rarely have them,  but it is necessary to outline boundaries to prevent misunderstanding and protect our players, staff, coaches and ministry, in the kindest and most straightforward way possible. 

1. Substitutions - If a player is out due to temporary injury or vacation/prior engagement, FCA is allowed to find a sub for that player. Rosters are limited so that everyone has opportunity to play. Adjustments cause hardships on coaches and team. Any sub is only allowed to play one tournament without the possibility of fee payment, if it's a last minute/emergency situation. This includes partial or full tournament participation. Any player who subs for more than one tournament is expected to pay tournament fees, even if it's late notice out of fairness to our families. They may borrow a uniform from the absent player or purchase one from FCA at cost. 

2.Reimbursements- Upon registering for our team you will pay a non refundable deposit to secure your child's spot on our team. Uniform fees are also non refundable as they are ordered custom for your child. Once season begins there will be no reimbursements for club fees. Our budgets are set prior to season and are based on our registered rosters. We limit rosters and stop marketing to other players  once our target number is reached. When players back out unexpectedly, it affects the entire team and we may have turned away another player that asked because the roster was full. Please contact staff/administration, (not team parent or coach) if a hardship occurs and your child cannot play for FCA.  

3. Code of Conduct Violations - If a player, coach or staff violates our code of conduct, administration will meet with the parties involved regarding that infraction. This includes things in the scope of repeated unnecessary roughness on the field;, repeated cursing and disrespect of coaches, players,  referees or parents; illegal drug or alcohol use, or arrests.   Our goal is that we facilitate heart change in our players, and want to work with those whose hearts are humble and show progress. This will be at the discretion of administration and what we believe is in best interest of the team and player and the safety of all involved. If FCA removes your child from the team for a Code of Conduct violation,  we will not offer a refund of fees to that player or family.

4. Outstanding balances- all fees must be paid on schedule. If fees are not paid, FCA reserves the right to refuse participation in a tournament or event. Please contact us if there is an extenuating circumstance; staff contact info is on our website. 

5. Practices-  In event of rain out, we will do everything we can to reschedule that practice. Please note it may not be possible due to field space or coach schedule as our coaches often have to consider their primary job schedules. We cannot guarantee reschedule but we will make every effort to do so as we value your investment. Practices will be delayed or called in event of thunder or lightening in accordance with the school system or facility policy. This is for our players and coach safety.
If a player misses practice they need to communicate to their coach so they are aware and can make practice adjustments. It affects the whole team. 

6. Tournament absences- a player can miss 1 tournament but must notify coach and team parent so the staff can prepare and not be caught blindsided at a tournament. We make plays and lines based on what we are communicated to and assume you will be there unless you tell us.

7. Lessons- our coaches often give lessons outside of practice and club time for a fee. FCA is not affiliated with this or can not be held responsible for any injury or issue during them. Understand we do screen our coaches through FCA, however we can't be responsible with what you arrange outside of scheduled practice.  If there is an issue we would appreciate feedback but again, we can't be responsible for a non FCA affiliated or scheduled event or meeting. 

8. Carpooling - In the event a family chooses to carpool, FCA cannot be held liable for any parties behavior or actions. Carpooling is an event arranged outside of FCA responsibility. Please do not ask coaches to transport your player. We can provide you with contact info for a family if they consent but we do not arrange or facilitate rides. 

9. We value our FCA family. Please contact staff with any compliment or concern and we will strive to return your call or email within 2 business days.