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College Lacrosse Scholarships and Recruiting

How ?

The competition for lacrosse scholarships is incredibly high.  Most of your opportunities are at the NCAA Division 2 and 3. You need to contact  coaches early on in high school and develop your relationships with them. This gives you your best opportunity.

Get Some Coaches to Your Games?

Frequent contact with coaches allows you to see if their schedule allows for a visit to your school game, tournament, camp or showcase. Contact, Contact, Contact is key.

Improving Your Chances...

It is not always all about the athletic talent but it's also about the culture of the team and the school. Don't discount a team as out of your league, or even too small.

Get the Recruiting Process Started

For college coaches to recruit you, you do need to be playing for a competitive club lacrosse team, and one preferably with national recognition, like FCA. Your academic record is important as well, in consideration for a scholarship, coaches don't want you failing out after the first year when they have invested in you. In addition, don't fall in the trap of thinking coaches will notice you at a summer tournament.  They are there, but they already know the player they want to watch. Your relationship with your summer team is necessary, but it's not the are! 

Statistics on Men's College Lacrosse Players:

Division 1 player - This player is typically an all-american, all state team, have extensive club and travel experience, varsity 4 year starter, attends camps and showcases and is their club and varsity team's MVP.

Division 2 player - This player is typically an all-state player, they are all district, they have played varsity for 3 years as a starter, played on club teams and attend showcases and camps and is their club and varsity MVP

Division 3 player - These players are at least 2 year varsity starters, have club and travel experience, attend showcases and camps and may be all-leagues and district as well.